The concept of Domain of One’s Own is a place on the web that truly is personally managed and designed by individuals, a place where they can choose what and how they share (post) and empower themselves to better control how we are represented online.

It’s more than a single web site or blog, it provides a platform for people to set up multiple sites, like structures and gardens in their own plot of the web.

Initially developed at the University of Mary Washington, Domain of One’s Own has expanded to more than 40 institutions and organizations supported by Reclaim Hosting.

As a pilot project the Ontario Extend supported the creation of individual hosted domains in the August 2017 Ontario Extend Summer Institute and several of the following cohort groups. Participants were provided the opportunity to choose their own internet domain name. In workshops and via our guides below, participants set up a domain and created a simple “calling card” site. Also, they started publishing a reflective blog that they can use to document their process in the program and also use as a personal portfolio. And they experimented with more than 100 web applications available for one click installing.

This site will acts as an aggregation hub for all participants blogs, turning a series of individual land plots into a community, a neighborhood.

The resources on this site have been developed as a step into the world of domain management for people who have never done this before. They can be adapted for individual or institutional use.  

See our guides for:

Featured Image: Single frame from “ASLA 2015 Professional Analysis & Planning Award Winners” vimeo video by ASLA shared under a Creative Commons CC BY Attribution license

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