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Below is a list of all Ontario Extend blogs we are syndicating into this site from staff of eCampus Ontario.

If your blog is not listed here, we want to fix that situation ASAP. Please leave a message or contact Terry Greene (@greeneterry on twitter) or Alan Levine (@cogdog on twitter).

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This site includes 164 total post(s) syndicated for eCampus Ontario from 6 blogs.

  1. convivial tools (see all syndicated posts by David Porter)• Twitter: @dendroglyph (in TAGS Explorer)
  2. Jots (see all syndicated posts by Jots)
  3. Learning Nuggets (see all syndicated posts by Terry Greene @greeneterry)• Twitter: @greeneterry (in TAGS Explorer)
  4. Musings from the Delta (see all syndicated posts by peg.)• Twitter: @livingkatstone (in TAGS Explorer)
  5. Reflections… (see all syndicated posts by Valerie Lopes)• Twitter: @valerielopes (in TAGS Explorer)
  6. Tagged oextend from CogDogBlog (see all syndicated posts by Alan Levine)• Twitter: @cogdog (in TAGS Explorer)