Maybe someone has gone too far with the Sergeant Hulka theme for the 31 Day Daily Extend Challenge. That would be me.

Our Thursday Ontario Extended Extended Lunches are back on track this week, and the mess hall zoom room will be open at Thursday July 5 at 12:30ppm EST. When it’s time, we’ll tweet again, and you can

enter the lunch room.

We can talk about the Daily Extends, of course, or like last week go on tangents about using messaging apps (thanks Danny for trying to get us into a demo of how he uses What’s App with student groups), plus how other people use tools like RocketChat, Slack and SamePage used at eCampusOntario, Discord shared by Lisa and others, Telegram (I tossed that one in).

We also shared information, experiences using EduRoam for wireless access at many institutions around the world (David said most ones in Canada had this available, so check to see for availability).

And there was some free ranging discussion on structure versus flexibility in course design, finding that balance, but also recognizing how student work on the open web can create “digital tattoos“.

What will be in this week’s discussion? Whatever you bring to the lunch table (or the mess hall). We hope to see you there (it’s not an order).

Featured Image: File:Supervision. Inside the Mess Hall – NARA – 298383.jpg Wikimedia Commons image shared into the public domain as a work of the US Government.

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