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Extend Module 2.1: Digital Literacies for Teaching

What is your definition of digital literacies for teaching?  Share and discuss your definition with your colleagues (and with students). Write a short blog post or a description that would be worth including in your teaching portfolio. Digital literacy, to me, refers to the ability to fluently use and leverage the power of digital technologies to create and communicate information. It is also the ability to filter, evaluate, decode, and decipher information that is communicated through digital technologies. In short, it’s […]


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Post 9: Twitter

This is my final post for 9x9x25, and what fun it’s been. Thank you for engaging, reading, and offering newspaper wrapped fish and chips. The best part is that this is late, and finally, after a semester of driving myself and my students crazy to get things in on time, this one last final paper with find its way to Terry fashionably late. Somehow this restores just a tad of balance and karma to the world. At the beginning of […]