Our Extended Lunch Hour is on this week! Grab your lunch today, 12:30PM EST, and head over to our Zoom table to catch up on whatever you have been up to, like Domain Camp.

And we will be opening the Zoom room for anyone (that means you!) to talk about extending their teaching/learning with technology. Or their cool lunch boxes.

What have we to talk about? Some folks are immersed in Domain Camp. Maybe we can use the current theme of Back to School Daily Extends to discuss what kinds of things we are looking to integrate in the upcoming school year.

We will meet Thursday at 12:30pm EST. You can join us then and

enter the lunch room.

Lunch boxes are optional.

Chat Notes

Y’all should have been there!

10:49:52 From Alan Levine : Hi Norm
10:49:52 From Irene Stewart : Hi Norm
10:50:06 From nsn : Hi. I can hear you.
10:50:16 From nsn : leftovers
10:51:00 From nsn : Playing with the splots.
10:52:26 From nsn : Would like to explore some scratch development – someday.
10:52:30 From Irene Stewart : https://espresso.procaffination.ca/
10:52:46 From Irene Stewart : I have a guard cat
10:54:34 From Alan Levine : Try in your code @cogdog
10:55:25 From Alan Levine : https://extend-bank.ecampusontario.ca/assignments/guard-dog/
10:55:30 From nsn : I’ve seen that.
10:56:33 From nsn : Cool. Need to learn jQuery someday.
10:57:25 From nsn : Yea. I’m waiting for your WP dev camp.
10:57:44 From Alan Levine : https://constellation.theagoraonline.net/starmap/
10:58:38 From Alan Levine : http://d3js.org
10:59:51 From nsn : real camping
11:01:00 From nsn : Sounds like good stuff.
11:02:57 From nsn : Is all this stuff ‘open’?
11:05:07 From Alan Levine : You have double quotes on your href tag, Irene.
11:08:02 From Alan Levine : W3 school is great for HTML and CSS and JS
11:09:34 From Irene Stewart : Notepad++
11:13:08 From Alan Levine : Chrome Dev tools turn on https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/
11:13:31 From nsn : No thanks
11:13:49 From nsn : rice & beans
11:15:24 From nsn : Gotta go. Thanks againLooking forward to the bonus weeks.

Featured Image: Lunch box image from pixabay (public domain) remixed with Ontario Extend logos.

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