Welcome to Ontario Extend Domain Camp, where over a several week experience we will help you get your skills up in understanding and management of an internet domain of your own, a place to express and share your ideas, knowledge, materials without the influence of corporate platforms.

If you need a reason why this sort of thing matters, read the words of Audrey Watters and the concept as described at the place it all started, the University of Mary Washington.

The Ontario Extend Domain Camp first ran in 2018 as a means to help new domain owners. It remains open to anyone or outside of Ontario Extend who wants to get started and discover what is possible with an internet domain and a self owned web-hosting package.

What and Why of Domains

What and Why of Domains

What exactly are "Domains of Our Own" and why are we inviting Ontario Extend participants to take this on?

Our instructions are mostly tailored to the platform offered by the people at Reclaim Hosting, but could be used by anyone with another web host that offers similar services. You will learn about web hosting and setting up domains in Week 1 of camp.

Camp is opening again June 11, 2019! Sign up here and stay tuned… we might have badges!

We will run 4 weeks of basic domain activities, and then provide another four week series with a focus on using WordPress. Feel free to do as much of this as fits your camp dreams.

Information about camp will be shared here and via in twitter via @ontarioextend, but we encourage to as well to join the Reclaim Hosting Community (a place not restricted to Reclaim Hosting clients, anyone can read and create an account to post) where you will find Domains Camp in the Newbies Corner. We also have a Slack channel; you will get an invite after signing up for Domain Camp 2019.

Come hang out in the Newbies Corner of the Reclaim Hosting community

How Camp Works

Sessions will start on Tuesdays with a blog post announcement of the week’s sessions (found below) as well as a recorded live demo overview of the week’s tasks created in the 2018 round of camp. Each week will include several domain tasks for you to do in the Activity Bank where you can later respond with your work (links will go to your own domain!). Wednesdays will include a live drop in session via Zoom at Camp Headquarters where you can seek help from camp staff.

At anytime, we encourage you to check the Newbies Corner community space to ask/answer questions and meet other campers.

Camp Schedule

Each week starting June 11, 2019 we will release another posting of domain camp activity.

Getting Ready for Domain Camp

Getting Ready for Domain Camp

Domain Camp 2019 is starting JUne 11! What should you pack and prepare for?
Week 1: Meeting Cpanel, Landing Pages, Files

Week 1: Meeting Cpanel, Landing Pages, Files

The first week of Domain Camp includes sharing domain name stories, meeting cpanel, creating a simple landing page with Site Builder, and using the File Manager to upload and modify content in your domain.

Camp Areas

Camp Home   Newbies Corner   Slack   Activities

Featured Image: Original image modeled after e-bay catalog photo of a camp sign.