Domain Camp is starting soon! What should you pack and prepare for?

That goofy kid in the picture? That’s me, Alan Levine, in 1970, and my first day of summer camp. I was nervous but prepared with a footlocker full of stuff.

What do you need for Domain Camp? Mainly come with some eagerness and readiness to learn and share. But we think you have that already.

Yes, You Need a Domain

The whole point of this experience is to have a registered internet domain name as well as web hosting package (a domain hosted on is not really a domain, just a domain name).

  • Many participants in the North and East cohorts of Ontario Extend have been provided domain accounts as part of this project. You are set. For those in the newest, West Cohort, we can provide instructions on how to set one up using a special access code that will make sure the project covers your domain and hosting. If you have been active in the modules and activities, contact us and we will get you set up.
  • If you are an open participant who wants to come to camp, our doors are open. You will need to either already have a domain and web hosting account, or obtain them before camp. Our instructions will be aimed largely at the cpanel based service provided by Reclaim Hosting. We recommend them highly, but you can certainly follow along if you are with another web host.

If you have had a domain, even been using it, even maybe you know pretty well how to do things with your domain, we still hope to have some new things for you to try. And we are looking for people with domain experience to help others.

Just make sure you have your domain set up. There is no need to do any more, just make sure something appears on the screen when you go to the web address for your domain, e.g. (yes we know people will try that), even if it is a holding page or a coming soon page.

Join the Community

We will be holding most of our camp discussion in the Reclaim Hosting Community are for Newbies Corner.

Come hang out in the Newbies Corner of the Reclaim Hosting community

You are welcome to look in and ready along, but if you wish to reply or post topics, you will need to create an account (Sign Up button in top right). You can do this even if you are not a Reclaim Hosting customer, and you can quickly create an account authenticating via Google or Twitter.

While there, drop into the discussion area for Getting Ready for camp, say hello, and share your domain name as well as the story, meaning, or intent behind it.

Look to the Domains Camp site Tuesday (as well as announced via @OntarioExtend in Twitter) for the first weeks activities.

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Featured Image: 1970s vintage photo (a real photo) of Alan Levine at Camp Glyndon licensed under Creative Commons CC BY.