Domain Camp 2019 is starting JUne 11! What should you pack and prepare for?

That goofy kid in the picture? That’s me, Alan Levine, in 1970, and my first day of summer camp. I was nervous but prepared with a footlocker full of stuff.

What do you need for Domain Camp? Mainly come with some eagerness and readiness to learn and share. But we think you have that already.

If you have not done so already, sign up for Domain Camp 2019 from where you will get in invite to the Slack Camper Bunkhouse.

Yes, You Need a Domain

The whole point of this experience is to have a registered internet domain name — this is the “something dot something” that serves as the internet address where people can find your content. But it’s more than the address. You need a place to “put your stuff” and people can find it.

The kind of domain we are referring to is a “Domain of One’s Own” connected to an account from a service that provides you a web hosting package. This is the kind that that allows you to create anything you want within it, While a domain name can be run from or Squarespace it is not really a domain that you can fully manage/control, it is usually just a single kind of site. With a domain of your own, you can set up many kinds of different sites housed in your space.

Our instructions will be aimed largely at the cpanel based service provided by Reclaim Hosting a company aimed providing affordable web services for students and teachers. For getting started, a personal plan is perfect (US$30 per year).

We do provide 2 year sponsored plans for people involved in Ontario Extend projects, we are offering these first to people who have completed their empowered educator badge. If you fall into this category, we will email you a special link for signing up.

And if you prefer, you can certainly use another web hosting provider; just look for one that provides domain name registration and a cpanel based web hosting package (many people like Bluehost).

If you have a domain and been using it, you may know pretty well how to do things with it. We hope to have some new things for you to try. And we are looking for people with domain experience to help others.

Account Creation Process

To get an account from Reclaim Hosting, sign up for a personal plan (US$30/year).

You will land at a screen that looks like:

Signup at Reclaimhosting

In the box, enter your desired name and choose from the menu the desired extension (likely) .ca).

Enter the URL, choose from the menu the top level domain, and click “Check Availability”

If it is available, great! Click the green Checkout button. If you selected a .ca domain, the next screen will ask for your confirmation from CIRA the Canadian domain registrar authority.

And then on the next screen is your “order” to complete. You will have to provide your name and address, etc. You will also be asked to provide an account password. Make sure it is secure and that you save it somewhere safe. And you then need to … pay.

It may take a few minutes to process, just leave the window open until it is done. Once you see an Order Confirmation screen, you can call it a day, and consider your domain registered.

We know you are excited, but do not go any farther, you can close this window now. Or maybe go to twitter to declare your success.

Confirmation Email

You will next receive a welcome email from Reclaim Hosting. Make sure you save this email, it has important information for accessing your account. Under the Account Information heading you will find a Take Me There link.

Special link inside your confirmation email

This link can take you directly to your Reclaim Hosting account screen. We know you are curious, so go ahead click it. You should see something like:

The Reclaim Hosting Client screen– you are the client.

This Domain is Yours

Now you have your own account at Reclaim Hosting. You can always log into your account via using the email address you entered when registering the account and the password selected.

And with that you have a domain of your own!

Note that if you view your domain address in a web browser, until we add your first bit of content, you may see a VHS tape themed holding page for your domain. Admire it, maybe take a screenshot, because soon you will put your own content there.

The Reclaim Hosting page for a new domain

Right away (in the next section) we will get you publishing your own content to replace this, and make own domain much more your own.

Just make sure you have your domain set up. There is no need to do any more, just make sure something appears as a “coming soon” sign on the screen when you go to the web address for your domain, e.g. (yes we know people will try that, it does not really work), even if it is a holding page or a coming soon page.

Join the Community

We will be holding most of our camp discussion in the Reclaim Hosting Community are for Newbies Corner.

Come hang out in the Newbies Corner of the Reclaim Hosting community

You are welcome to look in and ready along, but if you wish to reply or post topics, you will need to create an account (Sign Up button in top right). You can do this even if you are not a Reclaim Hosting customer, and you can quickly create an account authenticating via Google or Twitter.

While there, drop into the discussion area for Getting Ready for camp, say hello, and share your domain name as well as the story, meaning, or intent behind it.

Look to the Domains Camp site Tuesdays (as well as announced via @OntarioExtend in Twitter) for the each weeks activities.

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Featured Image: 1970s vintage photo (a real photo) of Alan Levine at Camp Glyndon licensed under Creative Commons CC BY.