The first week of Domain Camp includes sharing domain name stories, meeting cpanel, creating a simple landing page with Site Builder, and using the File Manager to upload and modify content in your domain.

Hopefully you arrived at camp with an internet domain you already own or recently set up. To see what is needed for your camp experience, visit Getting Ready for Domain Camp.

Here’s what’s on tap around camp this week:

See the collection of all activities for Week 1

Welcome to Week 1

Each week Domain Camp will launch with a brief live stream welcome video via Google Hangout — This takes place at Tuesday June 11, 1:00 PM EST (check for your local time).

Don’t worry about missing the live stream, the recording will be here later.

This video from Camp in 2018 provides a more detailed overview at the activities for this week, with screen shared demos of the steps.

Next stop, visit the Newbie’s Corner community and say hello to other campers and/or drop in to our Slack channel.

What’s in Your Domain Name

You’ve come to domain camp and should have now a domain of your own to work with (or one that you have had for a while). As an introduction to the Ontario Extend Activity Bank where our tasks live, we ask you to first share the story behind your domain name.

If this is your very first domain name, complete the What’s in a Domain Name activity by submitting a response in the bank.

You’ve chosen a domain name, what was the thinking behind it? Share your story, and use the domain address itself as an example (even if it is now just a temporary page, you will change this shortly).

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On the other hand, if you have had a domain for a while, here are some questions as a way of “Interviewing Your Domain” (an activity we are repeating from 2008).

Do you have your own internet domain and some experience managing / using it? Good! We’d like it if you can share with participants in Ontario Extend Domain Camp some wisdom from your experience – specifically, what led you to choose to manage your own domain? How do you use it? (if you did this last year, you can easily share the link to a response you may have published before).

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Say Hello to Cpanel

Cpanel is web software that provides a control panel to perform many tasks in your domain. Domain camp will cover but the essential portions of cpanel.

The easiest way in to cpanel is to log into your Reclaim Hosting client area ( and look for the cpanel link in the top dark blue menu. If your web site is with another provider, you should still have an administrative interface you can log into that provides a way to see your cpanel.

See this part of our Ontario Extend Domain Guide as a route for exploring cpanel.

Meeting cpanel (and not getting overwhelmed)

Meeting cpanel (and not getting overwhelmed)

Say hello to cpanel , the cockpit of your domain. Don't worry about all the knobs and dials. Most of them you will never use, but the sheer number of them hopefully indicates the amount of power you have.

You need not do anything there while in your cpanel, just make sure you can find your way there. This will be something you do many times in camp.

Building a Front Entrance for Your Domain with Site Publisher

Your domain ultimately can contain a wide range of information about you. It’s useful to have very simple page or site at the entrance to your domain, the kind of digital version of a business card. A landing page contains a brief amount of information about you, perhaps a photo, and links for contact or social media.

What do they look like? We collected a few examples from educators. Some are simple, some more complex. But these reside at the main domain of each person’s web site. These are meant to show you a variety of ways educators have set up their domain entrance.

Here is our first building activity. This are written out in full detail in the Ontario Extend Activity Bank under Domain Camp activities. Each one will ask for a response where you provide a link to your work (these will be links to your own domain) and maybe a few sentences sharing how this activity went for you.

A Domain of your Own gives you more than one web site you can put there, think of it as a plot of land with many different structures.

It’s useful to have an entrance gate or a simple “calling card” for the main URL of you domain (e.g. like

Later we will show you how to install blogs and other applications at different locations within. The cpanel Site Publisher is a very simple, limited tool for creating a quick site as a placeholder for the front entrance to your domain.

Later in camp we will replace it with something more sophisticated. Do this activity now

Using File Manager for Image Changes

The File Manager is a cpanel tool not all that different from the desktop file management system on your computer.

Your web site is organized in a series of directories that correspond to each site you create; exploring the structure with the File Manager is one way to get a better understanding where stuff is. But also, it allows you to modify files on your site.

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Adding a Self Contained Site with File Manager

Many of the sites we create in our cpanel are installed via a cpanel tool because they have complex file structures and often require database set ups. But there are quite a few web site themes that are all self contained HTML/CSS/Javascript files that we can upload directly to our domain with the File Manager.

This optional activity walks you through the steps to put a self-contained web site within a directory of your site. In a later camp activity, you can learn to set up a WordPress managed theme that serves this purpose.

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Drop In Hours at Camp Headquarters

We’ll have the office door open on Wednesdays June 12 noon EST (check for local time) for anyone who wants to get some help of ask question or just want to bother the counselors. Join us then in our Zoom office:

enter camp headquarters.

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