This was billed as our last week of Domain Camp but we are keeping camp open longer. Your Domain offers much more than WordPress sites, this week we explore other applications you can run in your own domain.

Did you achieve much in your catchup week? If you have just dropped in from the sky, this is Domain Camp, a place to learn about many things you can do in your own Internet Domain. These are mostly self paced activities you might do anytime, but why not jump in now? To get started, see Getting Ready for Domain Camp and check out what happened in week 1, week 2, and week 3.

Among the key items in your camp foot locker should be by now the understanding how to organize sites in your domain, e.g. creating subdomains as well as using your cpanel to install WordPress sites there, even special ones like calling cards and odd SPLOTs.

This week we look more at the same approach for adding many other applications you can put into your domain. Once you have the experience under your belt for installing WordPress from Installatron you have most of what you need to know to install from several hundred other apps in your Cpanel.

Next time you are inside of there, open up the All Applications icon under the Applications section.

It might make you dizzy! This is a good reason to ask others in the Community Newbies Corner for suggestions on which ones to try. This week, we provide write ups in the Activity Bank to walk you through just two of them.

And just so you know, the Board of Directors of Domain Camp have decided to keep the doors open forever and also to add a few more weeks of activities for those wanting to go deeper into WordPress (or other tools the campers clamor for).

Up on the activity board for this week is:

Welcome / Demo Video

Again this week Domain Camp will live stream a welcome video via Google Hangout and a screen share demo of the things we are doing this week at Tuesday, 1:00 PM EST (check for your local time).

Adding YOURLs- a URL Shortener to Your Domain

There are plenty of free services for creating short URLs for content you create. They are handy for sharing long links (like the ones google apps create) and even making them more humanly readable.

As an owner of a domain, you don’t need to go somewhere else where your links may one day vanish, or be co-opted. You have the power to create short links that use your very domain, not someone else’s, and even collect stats on their use.

Hopefully you can brainstorm ways that having short URLs with names you pick work better from your domain than some third party service (perhaps those times when someone else has chosen the short cut you want?). You will notice too, that you get some stats too in the usage of your shortened URLs

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Store and Share Files in your Domain’s OwnCloud

With your domain you can run your own service that does the same things as Dropbox, but all the files stay on your own server. With your web hosting account, you can easily install ownCloud.

Your files live in your own domain (not someone elses), and you can synchronize them from multiple devices, including computers and mobile ones. You can also choose to share individual files or folders with others, or make them public.

There is much you can do with OwnCloud; organize your content into a complex structure of files, share an entire older, tag content to find them. If you come across one person’s OwnCloud link, you can directly add it to your own.

What can you do with your cloud?

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Try Another App and Write It Up as an Activity

After experimenting with the two apps above, we ask that you try another one from that big pile on your own. Install it, experiment, share what you learned by adding a new Extend Activity to explain how you did it and share with everyone else.

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