An Ontario Extender needs an online space of their own, a shared notebook, if you will, to narrate and share their experiences.

This might include resources and teaching practices, but also journal-like entries that are reflections on your experience. In the Ontario Extend network these are individual blogs that participants own and manage.

The Magic of RSS

On the Ontario Extend Domains of Our Own site we use a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) strategy to continually update our site with the most recent activities of everyone involved. Every hour our site checks the RSS feed of yours; if there is something new, we add a summary of it to the front of this site. Anyone interested in your post will be linked back to your blog to read it.

And we are also able to organize the syndicated posts by groups; for example all posts from the East Cohort, all posts from the North Cohort, all posts from the staff of eCampus Ontario, and all posts from participants in the Extend mOOC.

Plus you can also see a listing of:

The Blog Choosing Guide

You will make choices about using an existing blog (if you have one) or creating a new one. Either way, two critical web addresses are needed to connect your blog to this site- the address where all of your lovely writing can be seen by the world, and the more cryptic “RSS” Feed address for the same information.

You can use any blog tool. The only requirement is that it generates an RSS feed. In following the guide below we will suggest several options for you to consider.

At the end of this guide you will enter this information into a form that will facilitate the connection of your blog to this site.

Are you ready to start? Pick your path, for your Ontario Extend blogging.

I will create a new blog

I already have a blog I would like to use

If you are familiar with setting up blogs and finding RSS Feed addresses (or you have this information from before):

Take me directly to the signup form

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