If you already have a blog that is a comfortable place for writing, then use that nice home. We can still connect your writing to the Ontario Extend Network.

As long as your existing blog publishes an RSS Feed it can work for Ontario Extend. This includes WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and a few others. The juncture at this point is:

  • Everything I write in the future is related to Ontario Extend This means all future posts are ones that we will syndicate into the network. In this case, you simply need to obtain the blog and RSS Feed addresses.
  • I will write about multiple topics, some of them not related to Ontario Extend. This is more than fine; in this situation you will need to define a way to organize the subset of all posts (e.g. category, tags, labels) that should be syndicated into the network.

Featured Image: Au canada flickr photo by besopha shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license