The first iterations of the Ontario Extend program were designed to be done independently in “choose your own path” style.

This meant proceeding through the modules at one’s own pace, connecting via twitter, writing up and reflecting on their work in their own blogs, posting activity responses in the Activity Bank, and submitting links as evidence of work when applying for badges.

Participants in the Extended mOOC version of the program (starting in January 2019) will be doing much of their work within the edx course site, in a bit more of a structured process through the modules.

If you are participating in the mOOC the DIY option is still open. We’d suggest still tuning into the mOOC and participating in the group discussions, but you are also welcome to go your own way.

Here are the waypoints for the Extend DIY route.

Featured Image: Modified book text and tool logo of Pixabay image by StevePB shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0.