Free web sites are great for students and teachers for getting started a practice of sharing and reflection. They make it easy to start.

But they are often limited in functionality, they often are platforms for advertisements (this is the cost of free) and make change at the whims of the corporate owners. A next step for many educators is to reclaim their spaces on the internet inside a domain (or internet address) that they can fully manage, expand, and create more than just one site as needed. More than a blog.

Ontario Extend fully embraces the possibility space of what is called a Domain of One’s Own. For more see  Audrey Watters case for Why a Domain of One’s Own matters and the concept as described at the place it all started, the University of Mary Washington.

In its first generation, the Ontario Extend project provided the first cohort this opportunity to build out their own domain; other participants already had started down this road. It takes a bit more work to learn all of the tools and what is available when you can install many kinds of web sites and web-based apps and manage access to them. But as owner of your own domain, you get to fully control your footprint on the web.

If this has a ring of interest to you, this summer we revive last year’s summer Domain Camp, a set of activities and support areas to help you learn what you can do inside the big cpanel of possibilities (that’s your domain dashboard).

Each week we will include an intro video, a set of activities to do inside your domain, open office hours, and community spaces to ask and answer questions. The latter here is really important, as a camper should know they have a circle of others to help them.

We are setting up camp again to start the week of June 11, 2019. Are you interested? If so, please sign up and let us know (or see form at bottom).

What is possible in a Domain of One’s Own? See examples of experienced Ontario Extenders who have ventured down this road in their work on the Ontario Extend modules (and beyond).

Each one unique, different, a domain. Come to camp?


Yes! We are working on creating a camper badge and a camp counselor badge. Criteria for the camper badge would include specifics from their new domain (e.g. a landing page, a reflective blog, an app other than wordpress installed). What might be evidence for counselors? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: Added text and Ontario extend banner graphic to pxhere image by mohammad hassan shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0.

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