He Extenders! Drop in and join us in the Ontario Extend Zoom channel for informal lunch chats, every Thursday at Ontario lunch time.

This is one idea baked up for things we might try to do this summer to connect. Terry is still hanging around, so he will be there too.

The door will be open at noon, though Terry says 12:15pm is a good start time. Bring your questions, ideas, and your lunch. When it’s time, we’ll tweet again, and you can

enter the lunch room

We’re looking for ideas, topics to tackle in future lunch time talks. Sharing our module work? Experimenting with new ideas and technologies? Blogging and Tweeting, etc?

There’s room on the Extend Lunch table.

Ok, we are not extending the lunch hour (unless you want), but we extend an offer for you to drop in.


We move this lunch time to 12:30pm every Thursday– see more notes from the first lunch conversation.

Featured Image: Modified from Spices, seasoning, herbs and vegetables flickr photo by Zak Greant shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license with icons from Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, @cogdog, Ontario Extend, @greeneterry, Zoom plus the Ontario Extend background graphic masked and transparent overlaid on the boar.

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