Say hello to cpanel, the cockpit of your domain. Don’t worry about all the knobs and dials. Most of them you will never use, but the sheer number of them hopefully indicates the amount of power you have.

Over time to you it might mean “control panel” or “cool panel” or “crazy panel”. In this workshop we will introduce you to only a few key pieces needed to set up a first web site, and later, install a blog. Most people do not use cpanel very much, but it’s worth knowing where it is and what it can do.

Accessing Your cpanel

The easiest way in to cpanel is to log into your Reclaim Hosting client area and look for the cpanel link in the top menu.

Here it is:

Look! It’s cpanel! Look at all the icons

If you are curious, you may scan the categories available. Some of them will look like mumbo jumbo. Even an experienced web developer will not have used many of these tools.

If you are really curious, you may open some of them. You cannot break anything badly, but we suggest you reign in that curiosity for now.

At this point there is nothing we want you to know, besides how to find your way here.

Don’t worry! We will be using our first cpanel tool in the next section.

See Also

Just for future reference, you can find very detailed information for using cpanel from these sources:

Extending with Domains Guide

Featured Image: Pilot-to-grow flickr photo by StefoF shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license