Not only do you get a domain for a web site, you can also create and manage custom email addresses. That’s right, you can create an email address with whatever you want before the @ and your personal domain name after it.

In this section, we will show you easily how to set up a custom email address that can forward messages to the system you use the most.

Email Settings in Your Cpanel

As you did in Meet Your cPanel, you will need to log into your Reclaim Hosting Client area and then use the menu link to get to your cpanel.

Scroll down to the Email section; we will review the three tools most likely of use to you.

Email tools in your cpanel

Create an Email Forwarder

Who wants more email accounts to check? Probably the most easy and useful thing to set up is an email forwarder- this allows you to create a custom email address that uses your domain, but any messages sent to it will be forwarded to the account you use the most.

Typically people might do or but you can create any address you want (and more if you want multiple forwarders).

The people at Extend Labs that it would be more fun to have an address to put on their web site, or maybe when they create a twitter account, that is

So the Mad Scientist logs into the cPanel, and clicks the Email Forwarder icon in the Email section.

Setting up a forwarder so all email sent to will go to the Mad Scientist’s gmail account

Go ahead and try it, send a message.

If you forward to a Gmail address you can create filters for that address that add a label to those messages.

Keep in mind that if you reply to any message, the person receiving the message will see your personal email address, not the one associated with your domain. To have emails originate from your domain address, see below on setting up full email accounts on your domain.

A forwarder is handy because you can always change the address it gets forwarded to, while to the world, it remains the same.

And what else is neat, if you also want emails sent to to go to another address, you can just create a new Forwarder using the same domain address, but use a different destination address.

Create an Email Account in Your Domain

You can create a full full featured email account in your domain. In your cpanel, look under the Email section for Add Account. Fill out the form here to create an email account based on your domain.

To use this address, you will need to configure your email app to connect to your mail server. See the cpanel documentation on Email Accounts.

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