Put on your toolbelt as you learn to use cpanel to install software for your first site, a blog to be used for the Ontario Extend project.

For this first blog you will install WordPress a software that is estimated to run more than 28% of the world’s web sites. Just of them is this Domain site.

Keep in mind that in your Reclaim Hosting account you have access to install a number of other blog software.

In this section you will simply set up your WordPress blog; refer to the separate guide to learn how to use WordPress.

Installing A First Application from Cpanel

As you did in Meet Your cPanel, you will need to log into your Reclaim Hosting Client area and then use the menu link to get to your cpanel.

Look at the first section, Applications. This lists a few of the most popular ones you might install, many more are listed under More Applications. Right there in front is the WordPress installer icon. Yes, that needs to be clicked.

The first screen displays information about the application you have chosen to install. Look in the upper right for the button Install This Application. Yes, that too needs click.

Next you will see the settings screen for installing WordPress. In the Locations section select from the menu the name of the subdomain you set up previously as the place to install your new WordPress blog. Do not use the main domain as that will overwrite your calling card site.

CHoosing the subdomain location for a new WordPress site.

Make sure the Directory field is blank. Scroll down a bit farther to the WordPress Settings area:

You may notice that the installer has already chosen a username and password for using to log into the site. For security it is better to have a cryptic user name rather than “admin” and a random generated password.

If you like to store your passwords, you can click Show Password to copy it. This is not necessary, because as you can see later, once you have installed WordPress, you can log in directly to your “backend” via a link in your cpanel.

And here you can enter a clever or interesting title for your blog and a tagline. These names can be changed later, but it’s fun to see them when view your brand new site.

Now click the Install button at the bottom right of the page, and enjoy watching the progress of your blog being born.

Once it is done, you will see the information for your new blog displayed. You can always find this screen from your cpanel, when you look in the Applications section and click My Apps.

The first link under the title will let you see your new blog. It will look rather basic, but it’s a web site:

Congratulations, your new site will look exactly like this.

The second link under the title of your application will take you to the WordPress dashboard, the behind the scenes are where you do everything to set up and administer your blog.

Wrap Up

Animated “Throwing Shade” GIF from giphy.com

Give yourself a pat on the back. You have just installed blog software on a web server! Did you ever think that would be on your list of accomplishments? Please share the web address of your new blog – we will then connect it to this site in a way that will allow us to see, in one place, all the content from Ontario Extend participants ( the proud group we are calling The Extenders).

You are on your way to be a blogger, next you may want to dive deeper into our WordPress guide.

Extending with Domains Guide

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