Your cpanel offers access to almost 100 different applications you can add to your domain. Which ones might you consider? We have suggestions!

Vanilla Forums Vanilla Forums let’s you publish your own discussion forums. More information:

Docuwiki is a simple to use Wiki platform mot often used for publishing documentation. More information:

Omeka is a platform for publishing online museum and library collections and exhibitions. More information: http://omeka.orgExample Omeka sites

Scalar is a rich media piblishing platform designes specificallt for scholarly works. More information: Salar sites

Koken With this software you can build a media gallery for photographs and images. More information:

LimeSurvey Use this application to run and manage your own surveys. More information:

Yourls or Your Own URL Shortener lets you create your shorted web links (like that use your own domain. More information:


Not Just Applications

If you have a command of HTML you can upload any web site content to a subdomain to publish a custom web site, e.g. using the open source themes from sites such as HTML5up.

Or you could design web based presentations with code like Reveal.js.

Extending with Domains Guide

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