What exactly are “Domains of Our Own” and why are we inviting Ontario Extend participant to take this on?

Naming, Building, Breaking, Knowing.


For suggestions on choosing a domain name, from Moz.com How to Choose a Domain Name:

  • Make it sounds like a brand (but not be one, see below)
  • Make it pronounceable because of “process fluency” we remember better things we can say.
  • Make it short
  • Bias towards familiar Top Level Domains for businesses this means leaning towards .com but for Canadian residents, .ca is most familiar
  • Avoid trademark infringement Avoid something that is close to an established brand… ilikecoke.ca not a good idea
  • Make it intuitive rather than clever or cute or an inside joke
  • Append or modify it If your name is not available, what can you add (that would not make it too long) as a modifiee?

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Featured Image: Pixabay photo by Henri1407 shared into the public domain