What exactly are “Domains of Our Own” and why are we inviting Ontario Extend participants to take this on?

A Plot of Land, You Control, For Many Different Structures, Purposes

A Possibility Space?

#Why Domain Stories

Learn from the experience of others what they do with domains, and why https://cogdogblog.com/2018/06/whydomain-stories/

A Domain of One’s Own

Naming, Building, Breaking, Knowing

On Domain Naming

For suggestions on choosing a domain name, from Moz.com How to Choose a Domain Name:

  • Make it sounds like a brand — (but not be one, see below)
  • Make it pronounceable — because of “process fluency” we remember better things we can say.
  • Make it short
  • Bias towards familiar Top Level Domains — for businesses this means leaning towards .com but for Canadian residents, .ca is most familiar
  • Avoid trademark infringement — avoid something that is close to an established brand… ilikecoke.ca not a good idea
  • Make it intuitive — rather than clever or cute or an inside joke
  • Append or modify it If your name is not available, what can you add (that would not make it too long) as a modifier?
  • Make it original It has to be available! You can find many domain search tools to find what’s available (note that most of these sites are trying to sell you domains, don’t buy yet, just look).

Try the domain on, ask colleagues, friends, family members how it sounds.

Get a Domain and Web Hosting Package

You have finally settled on the perfect domain name. It’s time to get set up. Again, we are going to recommend Reclaim Hosting which provides for a low fee the registration of the domain name and a full featured hosting package. For getting started, a personal plan is perfect (US$30 per year).

We do provide 2 year sponsored plans for people involved in Ontario Extend projects, we are offering these first to people who have completed their empowered educator badge. If you fall into this category, we will email you a special link for signing up.

And if you prefer, you can certainly use another web hosting provider; just look for one that provides domain name registration and a cpanel based web hosting package (many people like Bluehost).

If you are going to Domain Camp, just get ready with signing up. We will start building right away, or visit camp for some step by step guides to get started.

Featured Image: Pixabay photo by Henri1407 shared into the public domain