It’s busy during the summer so I can’t have too many expectations for who might show up for our Ontario Extend open lunch conversations we run via Zoom.

So if it’s quiet, I tinker on blogs and coding, but it was great to have Norm show up, a fellow internet travel I met when he joined DS106 in 2012. He’s firing up his blog again (ccheck out his camp post and has been enjoying following along with Domain Camp.

He’s doing this from work, so he has no camera or mic, but we talk n chat. Today we talked some about image galleries in WordPress and the SSL thing we introduced this week. Links from the chat might interest you.

10:34:16 From Alan Levine : Howdy Norm
10:34:32 From nsn : Hi, yea. Takes a minute to get chat on.
10:35:01 From nsn : It starts right up. I was surprised.
10:35:33 From nsn : I was playing with the bigpicture gallery in the landing page activity
10:36:39 From nsn : On thing I want to do is more phots in my blog, like a gallery.
10:40:16 From nsn : I was just about to ask about that, pulling from Flickr, etc.
10:40:17 From Alan Levine : This one works well to pull stuff from flickr
10:41:36 From nsn : I’ll play with it when I get a chance.
10:42:05 From Alan Levine : Demo
10:42:47 From Alan Levine : Also
10:44:16 From nsn : Ok, just takes me a while to navigate
10:45:11 From Alan Levine : Big news on Big Picture theme
10:45:13 From nsn : I mostly hung up finding pictures that are right-sized, I only have a few pics handy right now.
10:47:22 From nsn : So I’m not on reclaim . Is it exclusive to educators?
10:47:53 From nsn : No teaching right now.
10:48:37 From Alan Levine : is a sister company
10:49:41 From nsn : I may look inrto moving when my current term expires,
10:49:58 From nsn : By the way, After you’re talk about https, I just saw annoncement this morning that google chrome is already blocking unsecured sites.

10:50:16 From nsn : warning at least
10:51:35 From Alan Levine :
10:51:48 From nsn : It was a bit of a hassle setting it up on BlueHost (but it was free) but then they had ne refresh it a month later.
10:52:21 From Alan Levine :
10:55:39 From nsn : OK. I was hoping to see some other campers around. I see some others in the forum and on twitter, so I know they’re out there.
10:56:44 From nsn : Yea, well I’m enjoying the format and the activities. I thought it would be a refresher course, but I’m getting more than that from it.
10:58:38 From nsn : I don’t have any other questions right now, so I probably will move on today. I’m still working on week 3, and oh yea, I have some work to do too.
10:59:36 From nsn : Thanks for the tips.

Join us again, there’s room for anyone who wants to sit at the table. Come meet Norm!

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  1. Thanks Alan,
    It was nice to have a talk/chat. Even though I’ve been hanging out a domain camp on my lunch hour, I’m a bit slow getting through all the week 3 activities. You covered a lot of useful ground. So the break next week is well placed and I hope to be ready for week 4 when it comes up.

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