The Ontario Extend mOOC launched this week and as part of the ongoing series of activities we are offering participants, we will have twice a week open office drop in hours hosted in our Zoom Lunch Room.

What the mOOC are we doing? Check out the promo video:

There is no agenda for Extended Lunches, and it’s not even limited to mOOC participants. If you are in the mOOC and want to meet others, ask questions, drop in. If you are not in the mOOC, but curious about what’s going on, drop in. If you just are looking for something new to do during your (East Coast time) lunch hour, drop in.

We ran a series of these over the summer, and the unstructured format always produced interesting conversations.

Every week of the mOOC, we will offer two optional, drop in meeting times over lunch time in Ontario. This is a chance for you to ask questions and hopefully share about your mOOC experience with us and others. And we can also get to know each other better than as cryptic user names in the discussion forums.

Extended Lunches, for now, will be at noon Eastern Time (look below for links to find converted to your local time) and open to all.

We meet in an eCampusOntario Zoom lunch room. You can connect via computer or mobile device. You may have to install an app the first time you use Zoom, but there are other ways to join by phone, ask us. And you are welcome to join us via video, audio only, or even just text chat.

And of course, bring your virtual lunch. Our lunch schedule this week is:

Extend yourself to our open lunch conversations.

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