Actually the only agenda item is showing up for a casual, open conversations for people participating in the Ontario Extend project this summer.

We are meeting in Zoom Thursday, June 14, at 12:30pm to talk about… whatever you feel like. Lunch is a buffet, pick and choose. Modules? Activities? Blogging? Domains?

When it’s time, we’ll tweet again, and you can

enter the lunch room

Laura suggested talking about creative blog post titles…

… maybe brainstorming suggestions we could make a short video?

We hope Robin can make it this week, we had interest last week in talking research

There’s room at the lunch table.

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  1. Unfortunately…. I will miss this week’s as well. I’ve setup a pre-vacation potluck for fellow faculty since we’re headed to our summer vacation. Sorry everyone. Are you running this weekly or only through this week? I’m trying to take time to post something on my new blog on my research, so that’s one way to connect, I guess. If you happen to be in downtown Toronto, send me a DM.

    1. No worries, Robin, I am running them through the summer. And if you want to meet any other time, let me know.

      Don’t think I’ll be downtown, I am the farthest west… actually just moved from the states to Saskatchewan.

      1. Welcome to Canada Alan.
        If anyone is in Toronto and want to meet for a chat. Let me know.
        Have a good rest of your week.

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