Like clock work, Thursday’s lunch is coming this way again. And we will be opening the Zoom room for anyone to talk about extending their teaching/learning with technology.

What have we to talk about? Some folks are immersed in Domain Camp others are trying for a perfect month of Daily Extends.

We will meet Thursday at 12:30pm EST. You can join us then and

enter the lunch room.


Thanks Lynn and Irene for joining us.

Lynn shared an interesting model of hybrid learning for classes she takes remotely from University of Fraser Valley, BC that well integrates distance students like her with students in class, using multiple cameras, microphones.

Irene has been experimenting with using FlipGrid with her tutors, both as an introduction activity and asking for feedback on improving student tutoring services. The response from tutors has been exceptional, Irene appreciated getting the idea from an earlier Extended Lunch conversation.

We had a lot of discussion on getting valid feedback, the challenge of surveys and seeking quantitative data.

Alan shared experience of asking students in his ds106 classes for end of semester feedback by asking them to give advice to future students; what his colleague Martha Burtis suggested as “Pay it Forward” — see

Irene mentioned an interesting in trying twitter chats; Alan suggested using Tweetchat

Lynn had not heard of Domain Camp, but she is interested in joining in — she has been using a Reclaim Hosting account for her domain Bring on the squirrels!

Alan shared an idea for an end of summer sharing of Ontario Extend accomplishments as a one day Twitter Conference modeled after PressEdConference from April, 2018.

Then we had a discussion about deliveries of local grown vegetables!

The lunch room is open next week; bring your ideas, questions, and vegetables.

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