SoTL #4: Design Your Project

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I am continuing to look at my SoTL and trying to utilize the resources that have been provided to me in the Extend mOOC to do so. I am overwhelmed with this particular project as I feel like I don’t have time to develop it to the level that I would like but am going to do my best.

When looking at the document, “Researching Teaching and Student Outcomes in Post-secondary Education: A Guide,” I started to ask myself some questions regarding the ethics of research with students.
I don’t want my students feeling like they “have to” consent to participate because of the power differential and want this experience to be as authentic as possible.
In reading that students how are more vulnerable are at a higher risk for ethical impacts of research, therefore I would be sure to provide accommodations and alternatives to those that might require it.
Students will not lose time from the regular course hours to participate in this research as I will be making in part of the learning process and will post what I can that isn’t part of my course on the Learning Management System.
Some things that I will have to discuss with our College’s REB are;

  1. The secondary use of student/participant’s academic data
  2. Timing the researcher’s access to and analysis of the data and,
  3. Data security
    These are areas that I am not as familiar with and would need to discuss a bit more ahead of my research.
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I intend to reach out to a colleague to see if they can serve as an intermediary to help me with some of the pieces of the research that might impact student’s willingness to participate.
I hadn’t thought of many of these things before going through this process but it was very helpful in putting it into perspective. I’m quite interested in other Extend mOOC participants research as well!