This morning on a rain soaked grounds at Ontario Extend Sergeant Hulka handed out stripes for four participants who achieved a perfect 31 for 31 in the July 31 Day Daily Extend Challenge.

You can see all the obstacles on the course, all Daily Extends issued for July 2018. It was not easy! The leaderboard for July shows the stats:

top participants listed

Our four top participants, all part of Ontario Extend, each earning their stripes were @greg_rodrigo, @IrenequStewart,, @stevensecord, and @lkoster.

Hulka also commends open participant @MCorbettWilson for his performance

while other did not get much praise for sub-standard numbers:

The leaderboard gets reset at midnight tonight for a new round of Daily Extend activities in August. Stay tuned, and get into the mix of creative effort of the Daily Extend or by following @OntarioExtend in twitter.

Hulka will be taking his vacation, but may return in the future.

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