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Taking on a new OntarioExtend Challenge

9x9x25 Week Zero Oh OntarioExtend, you keep coming up with new possibilities for growth and openness! The 9x9x25 Challenge is 9 posts in 9 weeks with at least 25 lines of musings about teaching and learning. I did like to center my post on the topic of Accessibility and Accommodations for students with disabilities. There are a lot of options in this area. I can write about the Canadian Human Rights Code, the differences between academic accommodations between highschool and […]


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Alt-ing Images: Describing Tweeted Photos

Twitter recently enabled features to add descriptions to uploaded images, a huge boon for accessibility. That’s a feature, how do you make it a habit? Well, by doing it. I’ve been trying most of the time. Alt text provides additional information to the HTML created when images are embedded in web pages. The primary purpose is for increasing accessibility for visually impaired people traveling the web; screen reader software will use it to describe images they cannot see. This video […]