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WordPress Quick Fixing

Again I will spend more time writing up a blog post about some little thing I did than actually doing the little thing. Maybe it’s my vanity, or just trying to capture how I go about my work. It’s my blog and I can blog what I want… Sometimes I take these little self dares and see if I can fix some code or add a new feature in the time it takes me to eat breakfast. I was a […]


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Hacking an Ontario Extend Visited Countries Map

URL reading and deciphering skills, plus some brute force Javascript, had me two hours making an animation. These things get in my head and won’t let me rest until I spend a chunk of time in the rabbit holes. I entered this activity for yesterday’s Ontario Extend, a spawn of the DS106 Daily Create that I am now populating for the summer. Daily Extend: #oext188 Where in the world have you been? How Much Have You Seen? Or where do […]


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When People Use Your Stuff…Updated WP-Dimension Calling Card Theme

I fully expected people not to be satisfied with the simple calling card templates we introduced to the Ontario Extend participants last week. I would not be. The idea was again to put a temporary placeholder at the entrance to one’s domain. Something to come back to. But you cannot suppress keeners like @NurseKillam so when she contacted me about alternatives, since she had already gotten an understanding of installing WordPress, I suggested the WP-Dimension WordPress theme I built a […]