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Get Your Twitter TAGS on

Probably one way to make sense of activity of interest twitter is explore some numbers and visualization of them. Data visualization gets technically gnarly quick, but my go to tool ever since he first announce it is Martin Hawksey’s Twitter TAGS If you have a Google account, you can not only create a system to curate, archive tweets of interest (say all activity for a class or project marked by a hashtag), Twitter TAGs generates summaries of the information that […]


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The Indispensable Digital Research Tool I can Say, Without Lying, Saves Time

I sometimes tell people that when technology evangelists espouse that their tool saves you time, that it’s a red flag warning / code talk for “I am lying”. But here, I share my one, career tested exception; it’s old technology that many people have abandoned. I will wade carefully through the acronym jargon, but it’s using an RSS Feed Reader to monitor the most recent news, blog posts, data from sources you choose to follow, not dished out by some […]