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Does Helen get a Badge?

Yes. Yes of course she does. I sat down this morning to check on Helen’s Ontario Extend work to see if I could award her a badge. I have now completed checking her work in the Teacher for Learning module. There was never any doubt in my mind. Here was my process: Navigate through the Teacher for Learning module until I get to an “Extend Activity”. Click “Take it To the Bank”. Scroll through the responses. Has Helen submitted one? YUP! […]


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Extending Time & Space

You can give an Ontario Extend Cohort a name (and even a watch), but you can’t make it obey the normal rules of time & space. Next week, we kick off The Ontario Extend West Cohort at Lambton College, and live online! (If you’d like to join in, pop your name in at bit.ly/ExtendWest) This cohort follows in the footsteps of the Ontario Extend West Cohort that kicked off in March. But what does “East” or “West” or “a set time […]


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Reflections on Extend East Launch

  A short while ago, I did a short reflection on my experience so far with Ontario Extend’s East Cohort.  I was lucky to have that reflection shared at the eCampus Ontario site.    I’m also going to repost it here (thanks for the suggestion Terry Greene!) to share with those who are following the Domains of Our Own blogs.    If you’re here and haven’t been part of an Extend Cohort, I highly recommend it.  (Next Cohort will start […]