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Ontario Extend mOOC – Module 1

I’m currently participating in the eCampus Ontario Extend mOOC focused on technology enabled learning.  As part of this medium sized Open Online Course (mOOC) it was suggested that participants keep an ongoing set of notes to document and organize their thoughts about the experience.  As a way to document my experience I’m going to be keeping informal blog notes that reflect on what I’m learning and the activities I’m engaging in via the mOOC. Module 1 of the mOOC is […]


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Learning and teaching go hand in hand

By Batoul Al-Outa Learning and teaching go hand in hand – it is through learning that I realized the value of teaching, and through teaching I realized the value of learning. I have always been a student who loved to learn, but this love could not be what it is now without my experiences. There are ups and downs – days where I thought what I am learning is pointless, and days where I thought it actually benefited me. But as I look back each […]