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Can students really create a rubric? #BSN4416

Today I started the process of getting students to co-construct rubrics with me. One question faculty ask when they hear about my gradeless plan is if the students have the skill set to make their own rubrics. Here are my preliminary thoughts. My Experience At the beginning of our online live session, there were some silences as I asked for their suggestions for the rubric. I used survey responses (there were only 2), the rubric for rubrics and the course objectives […]


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It’s Official! Empowered Educator!

I am pumped! I am now officially a Ontario Extend Empowered Educator! Seriously, if you are an educator in the Ontario Postsecondary field, do yourself a big favour and check out Ontario Extend. I cannot say enough good things about my experiences in this professional development project from eCampusOntario. I won’t say that is was easy because there were moments that I really struggled but it was worth it. I see changes in my thinking and practice daily. Sometimes, I […]


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At the End of My Summer of Ontario Extend

The beaches have emptied, the life guards off duty back to their “real jobs”, and I’m just the lone guy on the shore walking around with a metal detector. Today marks the end of my stint sitting in for Terry Greene in facilitating what I could for the eCampus Ontario Extend project. This is what’s gone in while I’ve been sitting in the DJ booth of CBEX. Terry is not back until September 12, so I left a queue of […]