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Digital Mindfulness, Can It Exist?

What might it mean to be ‘digitally mindful’ and does such a thing exist? I was a part of a discussion about technology and wellbeing today. It was framed around the work of Hugh van Cuylenburg and the Resilience Project. For van Cuylenburg our focus should be on gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. The focus then moved to Common Sense Media and the addiction to phones. The need for ‘tech-free time’ was brought up. This reminded me of a keynote last […]


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Is social media “the” problem?

Rather Than Asking If Social Media Is The Problem, Let’s Ask What The Screen Reflects This article captures a number of my own thoughts about the “problems” of social media – I especially like the “keeping up with the Joneses” analogy. Our desire to capture and communicate a positive identity has always existed. Keeping diaries was all the rage for millions of our Victorian era predecessors. Social media is the latest manifestation. It’s something we brought into existence, not something […]