Do you think you can write 225 sentences about Teaching & Learning over a 63 day period?

Would you like to see the pedagogical thoughts and ideas of your peers in weekly, 25 sentence chunks?

Do you see the word “challenge” and immediately agree without thinking?

If you answered “huh?” or “what?” or even “yes” to any of these questions, read on!

Plans are a-brewing for the Ontario Extend community to partake in the 9 X 9 X 25 Challenge starting in early October. It is an exercise in writing about and sharing your work. Nine posts over nine weeks, each post being a minimum of 25 sentences long.

The OE9X9X9X25COC (Ontario Extend 9 X 9 X 25 Challenge Organizing Committee) are working on setting everything up right now. We will have individual and group entries accepted so you can do it all yourself or relay through it with a group of peers. Heck, If you can get a group of 225 of your closest friends together, you only need to write one sentence! (the OE9X9X25COC does not recommend this option)

Stay tuned to this space for further instructions on how to participate. Tell your friends, tell your acquaintances, tell your barista.

And thank you to Todd Conaway for the inspiration!

Photo by Ian Parker on Unsplash


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