This post will be a series of questions. If you answer yes to the question, skip to the next one! If you answer no, follow the links for further detail.

If you’re thinking “I’d rather just chat with a human about how to get this all set up” skip it all and send Terry an email to schedule a chat.

Okay, here come the questions.

  1. Do you know what the Ontario Extend 9 X 9 X 25 Challenge is? No? The challenge is for Ontario Post-Secondary educators to write reflectively about their teaching. Nine posts in nine weeks, with each post being a minimum of 25 sentences. All posts will flow through this domain. The hope is that we will get a good look at the things we are doing, get some new ideas, and make some connections with each other. You can do it on your own, or in a team. There are about 25 individuals and 5 teams signed up so far. Collective boat, raised!
  2. Have you signed up yet for the Ontario Extend 9 X 9 X 25 Writing Challenge? No? Pop your name in here.
  3. Do you already have a blog? If not, we have a lovely guide for how and where to get one. Check it out here.
  4. Is your blog connected/syndicated to this site? By that, we mean have you participated in an Extend cohort before? If not, fill out this form to get connected (and choose the 9X9X25 Cohort). If you’re already connected, we will add the 9X9X25 Cohort to your profile, so don’t worry about that part. Once you’re syndicated in to the site, your posts will automatically appear on the 9 X 9 X 25 Challenge Page.
  5. Have you made it through all of this without slipping through the cracks in the instructions? No? Send an email to Terry and we will figure out where he let you down.

Let’s get to it! Challengers should try to get past the first post by October 1st. We look forward to a heck of a lot of reading about the teaching and learning goings on!

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