During the Extend mOOCs, cohorts and in the time between, we ask participants to communicate with each other, share ideas, asking and answering questions in twitter.

Whatever your experience or opinion is of twitter, in the spirit of the ideas of Collaboration and Experimentation we will explore, we ask that you look at twitter with open eyes.

Some of you may be veteran or casual users of twitter, others think it is silly or a terrible place to be online. What was once a friendly upstart social community that enabled many voices to be heard and stimulated civic action now suffers from trolls, abusers, bots, marketing ploys, and political mayhem.

We aim to steer clear of that.

In many ways twitter is effective for people with like interests to share, play, inform, and find others. Many educators consider it important for forming a PLN (Personal Learning Network). For Ontario Extend, we hope it supports participants around the province and connects them with valuable colleagues elsewhere.

We ask that each of you have a twitter account that is set up and has at least a few tweets in it (even if they include “twitter is silly”). As a bit of choose-your-own-twitter adventure game, we offer the following paths for you to choose.

First time tweeter, I will create a new account

Veteran bird, I will use an existing account

Veteran bird, but I will create a new account

“Animal Art” pixabay image by Open Clipart Vectors shared into the public domain using  CC0