Start tweeting!

We suggest that you install the twitter app on your mobile device or add a new account if you are already tweeting from that device.

You might as well tweet a few things before you leave for the institute. Some suggestions if you are stuck…

  • A simple hello or an introduction using the #oextend hashtag.
  • Reply to others who have tweeted with the #oextend hashtag
  • Tweet a photo of your campus… with the #oextend hashtag
  • Share something special or unique about the place you live (we think you get the hashtag thing now, right?)
  • Tweet a link to an interesting article or video related to the subject you teach or are interested in
  • Share a place in the world that you have yet to see but want to visit
  • Tweet a photo or describe your favorite place to read

We have set up a Twitter TAGS tracking sheet that archives all tweets including #oextend or @ontarioextend — see a summary of the most current activity or explore the visualization the conversations:

You can create one of these for your own uses, it is a programmed Google Spreadsheet that can be set up for any twitter search. For more details see Archive and Save Tweets with TAGS Worksheet (from the UDG Agora Challenge Bank).

And for a bit of reading about twitter in education, a few suggestions


Featured Image: Although you’re far… flickr photo by ~Aphrodite shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license