You’ve tweeted before. You know all about participating here. Maybe a lot. Maybe it was just for a workshop. Maybe you want to separate your activity for different projects.  You may have any reason to create a different account for Ontario Extend.

If you are logged into your current account, you should log out. Or create the account in a different web browser. Go to and find the Signup button,.

When you create a new twitter account, you will be asked for your name. You are not required to enter your real name; maybe start with just your first name. Or create a name for a character. Enter your email or phone number and create a password.

Twitter will seek new users to provide information; we suggest bypassing that. It will ask for a phone number, look closely for the “skip” link below the button.

Twitter will suggest a username based on whatever you entered in the first step, you can use any of the suggestions or try your own.

More questions will follow- it will ask about interests. We suggest just skipping by clicking “Continue” without selecting any of the interests. Twitter keeps wanting more information, like your contact list. Skip as much as possible by clicking “No Thanks”.

Next it will suggest people to “follow”, mostly celebrities, athletes, or politicians. If you leave them all checked, all of their tweets will show up in your timeline. This is a lot of noise. By default, Select All is chosen. Click the checkbox so they are all unchecked.

Now you have a brand new twitter account.

Dress it up by editing your profile.

We are suggesting using the #oextend hashtag in project related tweets viewable via search or this link. Also please following our project account  @OntarioExtend.

In our account we assembled a list of people involved in the project, a good place to start choosing colleagues to follow  

If you are not using it already, we suggest Tweetdeck as a more filtered approach to reading the activity– you could add a column for #oextend tweets.

I got my twitter on, what’s next?

Featured Image: “Pelican Old Tattered Bird” pixabay photo by werner22brigitte shared into the public domain using CC0