Consistency just went out the window… I had promised to meet every Thursday at 12:30pm for our informal Extended Lunch conversations.

We had a fantastic round of unplanned conversations last week, see the summary notes. Due to an important family event this week, I have to break this just this week.

So bring your complaints!


In an effort to make the table larger I suggested people bringing a friend, colleague along– invite someone you work with, or a distant colleague, or even your cat, to join our conversation.

Just for this week, I am opening up our lunch table at 12:30pm Wednesday. Yes we meet Thursday Wednesday June 27 at 12:30ppm EST. When it’s time, we’ll tweet again, and you can

enter the lunch room.

So far we had one suggested topic, feel free to bring or tweet more

I’d be willing to share what I learned recently about making tweeted images more accessible via image descriptions.

as well as some foreshadowing of the July 31 Day Daily Extend Challenge

but the conversations will flow around whatever people bring to the table. See you WEDNESDAY (the new THURSDAY (just this week).

Featured Image: Pixabay image by nidan shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0

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